Newcomer’s Guide to the LGBT+ Society

“Welcome to the University of Bristol LGBT+ Society! As implied by the + in our name, we welcome those of all gender and sexual minorities. If you are not currently out, or you are unsure about yourself, it’s no reason to worry – the society respects confidentiality and discretion on social media and elsewhere. We have many welfare support options for all students and a new anonymous contact service if you prefer not to be identified.

We hold coffee afternoons, pub quizzes, nights out, inter-university events and trips to other cities/abroad. The society is a great way to meet like-minded people, discuss LGBT+ issues within Bristol and further afield, and also have a lot of fun. To get started, we’ve included some steps below.

We are a friendly, welcoming and laid-back bunch, with an awesome variety of personalities and events that make our society so unique and successful. We look forward to meeting you!”

Brad, President

  1. Read our handbook to learn what we’re about.
  2. Join our closed Facebook Group to view all events and discussion.
  3. Sign up to our Parenting Scheme to meet new people and be placed in an LGBT+ family.
  4. Join our society officially on the Bristol SU website to enjoy all the membership benefits. There is no need to do this if you do not yet feel comfortable being a member – there is no pressure!
  5. Take a note of our welfare email in case of any worries or problems you may have during the year:
  6. Subscribe to our Google Calendar by copying this link and join us at an event!